Friday, May 9, 2014

Unorthodox Jewelry...sign me up!

I recently came across this awesome jewelry company based out of San Francisco. The company goes by the name of Birds N Bones Jewelry. I don't even know where to begin about how awesome they are. Like I mentioned prior, they are out of San Francisco and they cater to "The dark. The Magical. The Macabre. The Beautiful". The company was started by two women, Ashley Lagasse and Zoe Copp with the hope that their customers would be able to  "live through these pieces".

Speaking of pieces can we talk about the jewelry for a quick second?! I am smitten. It is amazing, unique and whimsical. Pieces range from the Quartz Crystal Pendant to a Mouse Skull Ring (both pieces I am dying to call my own). Nothing I write can really do the pieces justice so make sure to check out their website (I linked it above). Something about the dark, gothic beauty of these pieces captures my heart. I am in love!

If you are obsessed with fine jewelry, oddities and the unknown, I would highly suggest checking Birds N Bones Jewelry out!

Until next time...

***My favorite pieces. Mouse Ring is $92.00 & Pendant is $40.00***

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